How Does Biogas Work?

Biogas is a clean and renewable fuel (similar to LPG) that you can make yourself. You will be able to cook all of your normal meals with it.
Biogas is made in a biogas digester. We call it a digester because it is a large tank filled with bacteria that eats (or digests) organic waste and gives a flammable gas, called biogas. The bacteria in the Swibe biogas digester need to be cared for like you would care for an animal. If the bacteria have too much or too little food they get sick. You must feed the bacteria every day with a mixture of food waste and water. In addition to biogas, the Swibesystems make waste water that is rich in nutrients. This water may be poured over your plants to help them grow.
Biogas systems make use of a relatively simple, well-known, and mature technology. The main part of a biogas system is a large tank, or digester. Inside this tank, bacteria convert organic waste into methane gas through the process of anaerobic digestion. Each day, the operator of a biogas system feeds the the digester with household by-products such as market waste, kitchen waste, and manure from livestock. The methane gas produced inside biogas system may be used for cooking, lighting, and other energy needs. Waste that has been fully digested exits the biogas system in the form of organic fertiliser.

Why Swibe Biogas?

We provide households with innovative and affordable small-scale biogas systems.And with both custom sizing and tailor-made financial arrangements, we’re sure to have a system that meets your needs.


Swibe offers improved versions of the conventional biogas systems that are already known and used in India. Compared to brick and concrete systems, the Swibe biogas systems are less expensive and every bit as reliable and durable. Our products are also much easier and faster to install, cheaper to transport, and removable for re-use at another location. Because our system is removable.
Our rural biogas system converts animal manure and organic waste into biogas and organic fertilizer. The system is modular and can be expanded or contracted to meet your changing needs. Our urban biogas system is designed to process organic household waste such as kitchen waste, thereby improving domestic sanitation reducing the cost of cooking fuels.




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