Solar Power Plants

Solar power is fast becoming a viable alternate to regular electrical power source, thanks to the growing technology. This has led to the instrumentation of large scale solar energy production, in both off grid systems and in grid tie systems

Off Grid Systems

The off grid solar power plants ensure that the generated electrical power is transferred to remote areas. This system ensures that het solar electricity is the sole source of electrical energy, hence the name off grid systems. These off grid systems are well-suited to provide energy solutions to a small group of houses/ requirements of one house, ATMs, laboratories, farm houses, small hotels etc.
off grid solar

Grid Tie Systems

In grid tie systems the electricity produces by the solar panels work in parallel to the regular electrical supply, thereby reducing the electricity bill by a large extent. This s a suitable energy saving plan, where solar power can be utilized on sunny days, and one can rely on conventional electricity in case of gloomy days.

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